DIY ProjectsHomesteading Log Holder for Wood Cutting DIY Project

Homesteading Log Holder for Wood Cutting DIY Project

This fabulous homesteading log holder for wood cutting diy project is detailed in the simplest of terms. It is quite achievable to build in a single afternoon.

Homesteading Log Holder for Wood Cutting DIY Project

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If one has ever had to saw a log, then you know how hard it is when you’re doing it by yourself with a hand saw. Here is a way to do it alone without any problem.

This is a homemade log holder that makes it a whole lot easier to saw off. Get wood pieces that are 1.95m (6’ 4 ¾”) and wood glue, and a hand saw, wood chisel, mallet, screwdriver & 8 screws, a drill and bit, and a square & pencil.

Make the two legs 65 cm long and lay them at an angle at your preference. Then, have to more pieces; one that is 6 cm from the top and the second piece 12 cm below that first piece. That’s where the log would go in between. Mark the lap joints down the side of the legs and cut them. The chisel is then used to chip out the wood and not get too deep on one end where the leg would break off. With the frame set up, drill the holes for the screws, put glue in the joints and screw it in. Let the glue dry in for a day before trying it out.

The log holder should look like the letter A with a second line at the top. To try it out, stick the long log through holder with the legs at the angle preferred when sawing and stick your foot on the log on the ground to hold it down. That gives you two hands on the saw to cut your log freely.

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