Food Storage & SkillsHomesteading Plants You Can Grind Into Edible Flour

Homesteading Plants You Can Grind Into Edible Flour

This collection of homesteading plants you can grind into edible flour brings a variety of nutrients into your family’s diet, frugally expands your food pantry contents and develops wild food foraging skills. The homesteader also included information on how locate the Amaranth, Acorns, Rye grass and Cattails and the method of how to grind into flour.

Homesteading Plants You Can Grind Into Edible Flour

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While most of us know that the wheat plant is the source of the majority of flour that is sold and use in food production – however, you may be surprised to know that there are a number of other plants that can be easily made into flour. This article will introduce its reader to four of those plants.

This can be extremely valuable if you ever find yourself stranded and looking for a source of food.

Benefits of reading and following the Homesteading Plants You Can Grind Into Edible Flour

● The article describes two methods of making flour; mortar and pestle and food processor

● Article explains how to identify and locate sources of each of the four alternative plants

● It also has numerous full color photos depicting several of the parts of the processes

Flour is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the making of food. It is an extremely versatile ingredient as it is used for baking breads, made into different cereals and used to make gravies for meats.

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