ChickensHomesteading Secure Chicken Coop DIY Project

Homesteading Secure Chicken Coop DIY Project

This Homesteading Secure Chicken Coop DIY Project is a great visual tour along with step by step detailed instructions.

Homesteading Secure Chicken Coop DIY Project

When thinking about building a space for chickens, there are quite a few different things to look at. You will want a coop which is secure, as chickens are easy prey for whatever predators you may happen to have in your part of the world.

You will also want a place for chickens to lay their eggs, and you will need to consider their comfort throughout the year; if your yard has drainage problems, you have to account for this, and some shade in midsummer will be a must, as chickens do not like the heat. You will also want something easy to clean and unobtrusive in your garden.

Security is perhaps the biggest issue; you will either need a run with a skirt to prevent predators digging underneath, or you will have to consider electric fencing. The door to the coop ought to close so you can shut them in at night, increasing their safety if a predator does manage to break into the run.

Make sure they have a comfortable nest box with plenty of straw, as well as a place to roost, as chickens sleep perching and will be unhappy with a flat floor. Think about the placement of the run to give optimum weather protection, and put in a removable board to catch droppings; this will mean you don’t need to clean the whole pen as often, saving you time and effort. Careful design of your chicken pen will mean you can minimize work, and keep your girls as safe and comfortable as possible all year round.

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