SolarHomesteading Solar Water Heating Basics

Homesteading Solar Water Heating Basics

This overview of homesteading solar water heating basics will hopefully inspire your family to take on the self sufficiency task of using solar panels to heat your water supply.

Way back when, in the days of the original Homesteaders and well before the modern age, people had to make do with what the land provided. Today, modern day Homesteaders have the advantage of better technology for providing the necessities of life.

Homesteading Solar Water Heating Basics
Homesteading Solar Water Heating Basics

Homesteaders today share many of the same desires of self-reliance that was abundant during the original homesteading period of our history.

Ready Access to Hot Water

Having a ready source of hot water is one of the more important niceties for modern Homesteaders. Whether it is for washing dishes or bathing/showering having it definitely makes life easier. However, having access to hot running water is not always the easiest thing to do. This is where self-sufficient ways of heating water and supplying it to the house come in. One of those is a Solar Water Heater and Storage System.

Solar Water Heating System

Solar Water Heaters are extremely efficient and depending on which system you chose it can be used all year round and provide your family with all of the hot water you need. Once installed, the only electricity needed to run the system is for the pumps and heat exchanger. The water is stored in a tank that looks similar to a traditional hot water heater. The whole system can be powered by a separate solar power collector or can be run on the power grid if available.

Features of a Solar Water Heater System

With so many different types of solar water heaters on the market you are sure to be able to find the one that best suits your specific needs. The benefits that using a solar water heating system are plenty like being able to use it on the grid or even completely off the grid. They make a system that can be used year round, even if you live in the colder climates in the north or hot climate of the south and west.

Heated water by the sun is nothing new, but providing an entire house with hot running water is a bit more complicated and today’s technology that goes into the systems on the market, make them much more efficient.

If you are looking for ways to cut down on your environmental footprint, you just might want to look into a Solar Water Heater System.

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