Household TipsHomesteading Survival Wisdom From The Great Depression

Homesteading Survival Wisdom From The Great Depression

This collection of homesteading survival wisdom from the great depression is golden advice that still is drastically needed in today’s society.

Homesteading Survival Wisdom From The Great Depression

We are not living in kind of safe haven society. No matter, if you are billionaire or what but you exactly don’t know what is going to happen in future. In fact, you even don’t know that you might be starving somewhere and fighting with hunger and thirst. This is what happened in 1930s with America and that era was also known as “the era of the depression”. A wise said, “Life teaches you a lot and you must share this with others for their better” so, survivors of those “depression era” decided to teach what they learned during their bad time. They passed that era in very miserable way, they were used to eat plant leaves instead of food, and can we even imagine eating such things in our lives? Never.

We cannot feel what happened to them because we don’t know how that pain tastes like. I saw an old album from my grandparents and I was shocked seeing a family ragged dresses near to a remaining on the yard of a home that can scarcely be viewed as something as durable as a house.

Yet, those individuals, for example, granddad went on to live profitable happy lives with an inward quality picked up from having survived the most exceedingly awful hard timing as tough as a house. I gone through many books and researched a lot to find out some interesting ways that they used and here is the summary that I have compiled and you can also access the details in original article.

They always used to travel in groups and always kept their families with them. They never stayed jobless for long even if it was small odd jobs for short periods of time. Every family member was constantly looking for work. All people were cooperative with each other because they knew that this is the only option for their survival.

There is a lot more information in original article, for further details read original article.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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