DIY ProjectsHomesteading Vegetable Food Pantry Storage Bin DIY Project

Homesteading Vegetable Food Pantry Storage Bin DIY Project

Homesteading Vegetable Food Pantry Storage Bin DIY Project is a frugal solution using salvaged materials to build a vegetable storage wood bin.

Homesteading Vegetable Food Pantry Storage Bin DIY Project

For the homesteading chefs who grow their vegetables or keep a large amount of the most delicious veggies for their recipes on hand, here is a creative way to keep all of them fresh.

In the food pantry, one can leave their veggies and pull them out when necessary if they have a right things to make their wood shelf units. In this case, the rough and ready storage will be made out of wooden pallets, cheap but will take some effort to take apart, yet easy to put together for a proper storage shelf. Just pull out the nails, measure the proper size of the pantry, and saw the pallets if necessary.

Place two end frames, 2x2s should be good enough, and space them out by 2.5 inches in between. Place a cross brace to make sure that they are squared up. Construct the spaces up to the maximum allowed height in the pantry and then start to built the drawers. Screw and nail them together and let them together and even try it out by placing the vegetables on them to see how it is weighted. Lube the sides so they can slide in and out easily.

It is rough and ready because it isn’t painted over or manufactured to be a pretty looking shelf. The shelf is made for vegetables to be instantly put in and out and not be concerned with them rotting. It is better than leaving the vegetables in the fridge or just on the counter to rot.









You can always buy a wooden storage rack if you do not have time or skill to build your own. 6 Drawer Orchard Rack Garden Harvest Rack (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) 

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