Household TipsHomesteading Vintage Kitchen Tools to Still Use Today

Homesteading Vintage Kitchen Tools to Still Use Today

Homesteading vintage kitchen tools to still use today that make cooking and baking as easy as they once did.   Historic kitchen utensils go by various different names from “culinary antiques” to “vintage kitchenalia”. Whether they’re ancient or mid-20th century “retro”, many can still be used for food preparation, serving, and storage items.

Homesteading Vintage Kitchen Tools to Still Use Today

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The kitchen of 2017 is not the same as the kitchen of 1917. They didn’t have a microwave, or a gas oven, or the Foreman Grill. It doesn’t mean that nothing still remains in the century passed. In fact, there are a few kitchen tools that have stood the test of time. These are old-school tools used in the pioneer kitchen. Here are the basics of the pioneer kitchen that are still around.

Knives: 3 kinds of them. There is the skinning knife to skin the meat, the chef’s knife to chop veggies and meats, and a knife sharpener that – well – keeps the knife sharp.

Cast Iron: A spider cast Dutch oven allows cooking outdoors without making a leveling system. A cast iron loaf pan is perfect for baking a loaf of bread. And, the iron skillet came in before the frying pan.   (Buy Here on Amazon)

Other: In the past, people had to carve their own utensils with the sturdiest wood as a handle. The vintage glass juicer is for making lemonade and jam. Aprons serve as the potholder – no glove – have pockets to stick in a small towel to wipe dirty hands on, and are thick enough to protect clothes from stains. Paper towels were not invented, so dishtowels were used to keep food covered, as well as to dry hands with. A kettle existed, but less to boil water and make tea, and more to heat water to sanitize for dishwashing and any healing.

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