GardeningHomesteading Winter Garden for Burst of Color

Homesteading Winter Garden for Burst of Color

A Homesteading Winter Garden for Burst of Color with bring color and texture to your landscape even during the colder months.

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You don’t need to wait until spring to have a touch of color in your life. These plants bloom throughout the winter, giving you the much-needed color and flowered fragrance in the bleak winter season:

• Holly

This popular plant is a festive evergreen, producing red and gold berries. Some call this mistletoe, and it is said to bring good luck to those who kiss under it.

• Christmas Rose

This plant is a perennial white flower with dark green leaves. It is from the buttercup family and it is also poisonous, so you can ensure that it would keep out deer and other animals.

• Scilla

This plant should be planted in the fall so that it would bloom by late winter. It is very easy to maintain, and its flowers are a cool hue.

• Winter Aconite

Are you looking for summer in the winter? This plant produces a cherry yellow blossom amongst bright green leaves and can grow up to 6 inches tall.

• Winter Heath

This plant is usually the first to bloom during the winter, producing purple and pink flowers. You can depend on this plant and its urn-shaped flower, to add color immediately to your winter garden.

• Winter Jasmine

This plant comes in a variety of shades and does not need to be maintained.

• Winter Pansies

While these plants are not frost tolerant, they work great in flower beds or containers. It can freeze solid but will be sure to emerge after the frost, ready to grow, producing a bright colored flower.

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