SewingHot Pads From Recycled Towels

Hot Pads From Recycled Towels

Learn how to make hot pads from recycled towels. These are a little different that regular hot pads because they have little pockets on them so that you thumb can slide into one and your other fingers into the other pocket. This is nice if you spill hot grease or other liquids on it, you can simply fling it off.

Hot Pads From Recycled Towels

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If it were an oven mitt you would need both hands to remove it and it would take longer so you would be more likely to get burned. These also serve as hot pads so that you can set a hot pot or dish on it and protect the surface of the table or counter that you are using it on. The inside has layers of old towels  or other materials that you are recycling rather than throwing away. You can make it several layers thick and they should last  for years.

This is from Simply Homemaking 60 and she shares a sewing trick when making the hot pads to prevent all the layers from bunching up while you sew them together. She says she is Mormon and that they make these for other women as gifts at Christmas. These would make a nice gift but they would be nice to make for yourself as well. The outer layer is new fabric so you could make them to coordinate with your kitchen.


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