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How a Roofing Company Can Make Your Commercial Apartment Building Green

Many business owners have started to take several initiativesthat can contribute to a better outside environment, is more eco-friendly. Some try to change small things that reduce costs as well as have a better impact on the environment, while others might consider much bigger projects.

Having a green roof for your existing or new commercial apartment building can be very beneficial. It will not only attract more tenant applications, but it will also reduce many costs and give you ways to make more money.

These are three reasons why you should hire a commercial roofing company, as well as the benefits a green roof can have.

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Evaluate the Potential Risks

It is important that you don’t just hire a landscaper to do the job. They may know about plants, but they may end up destroying the building’s structure. Vegetative rooftops can have a weight of around 15 to over 50 pounds per square foot, depending on many factors such as depth of the growth medium, types of plants, and weight of water systems.

A commercial roofing company can offer you the same services, and they will take all the necessary precautions in keeping your building safe. They know what kind of material should be used if the building is not able to hold much weight. That is extremely important as the other necessary equipment can also be substantial, causing a strain on the structure.

Consider the Underlying Roofing System

A roofing Edmonton company will make all the necessary inspections before starting the project. It is crucial for safety purposes, as anything can affect the underlying roofing system. It will also identify any risks that could lead to leaks, cracks, or other damages. 

Once the initial inspections are finished, and the organization starts the construction, they will also send a supervisor to make sure nothing goes wrong. The superior will also make sure the underlying system stays intact and doesn’t get damaged.

Regular Maintenance 

After the project is completed, you still need someone to make sure everything is going well every once in a while. Here are some things a roofing company may check:

  • Plants– they need to be regularly inspected. More in the initial weeks, to make sure they have taken root and are properly growing.
  • Irrigation system– it needs to be checked every month for leaks and to confirm the vegetation is getting enough water.


Reduce Costs

If a green roof is correctly installed, it can be extremely beneficial for the building. It will provide insulation, which can reduce heating and cooling systems costs. It will also absorb rainwater and minimize runoff. 

A green roof can be extremely beneficial for the underlying roof system, as it protects it from several things. The roof is not directly exposed to sunlight, UV rays, snowfalls, and other deterioration.

Better for the Tenants

Many building owners aim to provide the best features for the tenants. Having a green rooftop can allow you to increase the rent, as the value of the building increases.

You tenants will have a choice to visit the beautiful park right up the stairs to get fresh air and clear their minds. They can even pack a picnic and have fun with their friends and families while enjoying the beautiful view of the city. While your competitors may only be providing them with windows and balconies to get fresh air, which is nothing compared to a rooftop garden. 

The insulation will also motivate tenants to rent an apartment, as the electricity bills will be significantly lower. 

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Heather Jones
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