ArticlesHow often should you wash your jeans? 

How often should you wash your jeans? 

We all know that when you have worn socks or underwear once, you wash them. However, when it comes to denim, the answer is not so clear cut. The recent debate on whether or not we should wash our jeans every time has been going strong for years now—but which opinion reigns supreme?

The truth seems like a simple answer: both sides have some good points but also many drawbacks in regards to washing frequency; however if there was one fixed rule about this matter (even though no such thing exists), then I’d say go three days without wearing them before giving them an extra scrubbing session just so they stay cleaner longer, for longer. 

All the hype about never washing your jeans may seem like it’s not worth doing, but denim aficionados will tell you that there are benefits to prolonging wearing them. The environment is important for a number of reasons and keeping outfits together longer by preventing the wearer from needing multiple pairs with changed colours each month or season due mainly because they wear away too fast when left unwashed in this fashion. Plus these soiled threads stay soft through repeated wears thanks largely owed natural deterioration caused without chemicals such as water exposure (which would eventually cause shrinkage). Finally though most importantly retaining our favourite pair can be much easier by simply avoiding washing at all costs unless absolutely necessary. 

Jeans are one of those things that you wear for years and then they start to lose their shape. But, if we don’t wash our jeans too often (once every ten wears), the fabric will stretch out just enough not to be as snug against your legs when wearing a low cut shirt or dress.

Do you know what’s really tough on denim?  Spilt red wine at Christmas dinner…or maybe something else happens like dirt getting stuck between buttons. 

Then, of course, we need to consider what type of denim you are washing. If for instance, you have bought a cheap pair of cheap – pre-shrunk jeans from a supermarket you are going to be less precious about how much you wash them. If, however, you have spent over £100 on a pair of raw Japanese organic denim jeans, you’re probably going to take a different view. If you have bought the latter many serious denim aficionados will tell you you should never wash your jeans and if you want to ‘clean’ them they should go in your freezer for a couple of days to kill the bacteria. 

However, we think that the £10 and £100 pair of jeans should be treated equally. Raw denim when it fades looks lived in and cool and the feeling of a fresh pair of clean jeans just can’t be beaten. So, here are some golden rules to follow when washing denim of any type. 

Firstly, turn your jeans inside out. This will protect the colour, especially if you have a pair of indigo jeans which you want to protect the colour of. Secondly, wash at a low temperature. 30 degrees is ideal and will not cause any shrinkage. And, if you want a great value washing machine check out 

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