RecipesHow To Bake A Cake In An Orange In A Campfire

How To Bake A Cake In An Orange In A Campfire

Another great self sufficiency skill, is how to bake a cake in an orange in a campfire embers. Learning how to cook in no traditional methods is a bonus to any outdoor adventures.

Did you know that baking a cake in an orange peel will slightly flavor any cake batter flavor you choose ? It is quite refreshing and delicious.

It might be fun to try chocolate cake batter in two oranges, yellow cake batter in two oranges and a combination swirl of both batters in another two oranges…. then a taste test after baking !

Basic Instructions:

1.    First of all, cut 2 inches off the top of 6 oranges (two oranges per person) and scoop out the orange pulp.

2.   Fill the hollow oranges about three quarters of the way with any flavor cake batter recipe.

3.   Place the orange 2 inch tops back on the partially cake batter filled oranges and wrap each orange in aluminum foil.

4.   Place directly onto the smoldering embers of the campfire avoiding any intense flames and cook for about 30 minutes – turning once or twice after 10 minutes.

Be sure to look below the ad to watch the video generously sharing the step by step instructions of baking a cake in an orange. I am such a visual learner that these videos really help me stored the knowledge in my mind.

How To Bake A Cake In An Orange In A Campfire
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