Primitive SkillsHow to Build a Campfire On Snow

How to Build a Campfire On Snow

How to build a campfire on snow in needed primitive survival skill that could safe your life on a cold winter day.  Maybe you had a plan to venture out into the woods during winter or be chance an mechanical problem in a vehicle stopped you as you were just passing through. Staying warm can save your life in a difficult situation.

How to Build a Campfire On Snow

Building a fire in snowy weather can be challenging, but it’s not impossible when the correct steps are taken.

  • Clear a flat area in the snow, gather dry branches from dead trees and bark from a dead stump for a platform. Build campfire out in the open away from trees. Heat from a fire to close to a tree will  melt snow on tree branches over your head. The melted snow will put out the fire.  Do not cut live branches from trees because they contain a lot of moisture and will not burn.

  • You need to make a platform for your fire to keep it from sinking down as the snow melts as the fire grows.

  • Start with some dry tinder and apply small tiny twigs. You’ll know when to put on more wood when the flames break through.

  • You want to spread the wood out so there’s dead air space between the wood.

  • Pile a lot of snow on the fire to put it out. Wait for the “hissing” to stop, stir the ashes with more snow, and be sure it is “dead out” before leaving because even in winter a forest can catch on fire.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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