How To Build A Cheese Press


        If you like to make your own cheese or would like to make your own cheese then you might like having a cheese press. A cheese press is used to consolidate the curds and remove the whey from the cheese, weight or sometime a screw down type of press is used. Here Fable Farms shares how they built their own cheese press using pvc pipe and compression springs to press the cheese. This is a great build as it is inexpensive and they made so that you can break down the press and put all the parts into a dishwasher if you want to.

      Looks fairly simple and inexpensive to make. I like that they drilled holes all around the sides of the pipe and not just on the bottom. Some cheese presses only have the holes at the bottom but the whey can get out a lot better if there are holes on the sides as well. So if you make or want to start making this is an inexpensive way to build a cheese press to get you started.

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