DIY ProjectsHow to Build a Homemade Backyard Ferris Wheel

How to Build a Homemade Backyard Ferris Wheel

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homemade backyard Ferris Wheel will make you a rock star in your children’s eyes especially if you include them in building it.

Every kid wants a playground in their backyard. Not only will it give them hours of fun, but it will also be a place where friends, neighbors, and cousins can all come and play together. But, something even more fun than a playground is a fair and while it may occur to some children to dream of having a fair in their backyard, it’s something most don’t believe possible.

Thankfully, this tutorial gives easy to follow instructions on how to bring a Ferris Wheel into a backyard.

This version is a simplified and smaller version of a Ferris Wheel that you would find at a fair. It’s made square, so that it’s more sturdy and also so children can operate it themselves. While it sounds like a scary concept, the mini Ferris wheel is actually exceedingly safe and, with a little guidance and a little bit of time, pretty easy to make.

The Ferris wheel operates almost like a merry-go-round. Instead of being powered by electricity, it’s powered by those riding it. Children will push up as they go around, so each child has a part in making it work. It’s a fun and different way to keep everyone entertained and happy for hours.

This guide requires quite a bit of materials. However, the tutorial is very clear and offers lists, dimensions, and instructions very clearly, so even amateur constructers can build a mini Ferris wheel for their children. The wheel should, of course, be used with caution, but because it’s built in a square, it really is much sturdier than a regular Ferris Wheel would be.

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How to Build a Homemade Backyard Ferris Wheel

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