DIY ProjectsHow to Build a Outdoor Water Washing Station

How to Build a Outdoor Water Washing Station

This step by step tutorial of how to build a outdoor water washing station is a great way to promote healthy personal hygiene in a atmosphere where plumbed water faculties are at not available.

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How to Build a Outdoor Water Washing Station

Being clean and having hygiene is extremely important. The first step of avoiding those awful germs is hand washing. Washing hands is very important regardless of where you are and what you are doing especially before and after meals and obviously after using the bathroom.

However, it can be rather difficult to wash hands where water or a system is not available, for example like camping or trekking etc. Having personally gone on a trekking trip it became rather a difficult job to find water and a place to wash hands.

For this very purpose, we introduce how to build an outdoor water washing station project and by using it you can make your own water dispenser by reusing recycled containers. The best part of SaveAqua tap is that you can create a multi-purpose dispenser. Not only will you be able to wash hands but also dirty dishes, showering, cleaning and washing objects and drinking water etc. The SaveAqua tap is easy to use and compact so it can be carried around anywhere.

It can be reused and doesn’t need any electricity or any other form of energy to operate. All you need is a knife or a sharp object to make a hole in the container, rope and of course the SaveAqua tap and you’re good to go!

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Melissa Francis
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