Garden BedsHow to Build a Salad Keyhole Vegetable Garden

How to Build a Salad Keyhole Vegetable Garden

This easy tutorial of how to build a salad keyhole vegetable garden is a self-sustainable, controllable food source for homesteaders. The Salad Keyhole Garden method as described in this article refers to the specific selection of vegetables and herbs that planted together in the same keyhole garden bed and are harvested together to serve as a complete salad.

How to Build a Salad Keyhole Vegetable Garden

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Keyhole raised garden beds is one of number of methods being used these days successfully because it features a composting element to increase the organic nutrients in the soil.

Backyard gardening has been extremely popular these days with so many people becoming more interested in growing their own fresh vegetables and herbs. Unfortunately, growing your own vegetables is not exactly as easy as one would think and there are a number of ways to get started. Raised garden beds are one of the most popular ways being used for planting gardens.

Green Onions

This method has been proven to be very successful thanks to its ability to drain excess water and improved overall soil condition.


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