DIY ProjectsHow to Build a Self Watering Greenhouse Garden

How to Build a Self Watering Greenhouse Garden

This step by step tutorial of how to build a self watering greenhouse garden uses reclaimed materials to reduce the overall building costs.

Learn how to make a self-watering greenhouse from items repurposed from your yard. This large planter is set far enough off the ground to keep smaller animals out, but with the addition of a metal frame, can keep pets and children out as well. It can even be made insect-proof, with the addition of plastic to the metal frame. The planter is also self-watering, and can hold a 75 gallon water tank. With the right soil mixture, the planter will also be moisture regulating.

The planter can be made with reused materials, such as old pallets, and wood or metal from fences. Including plants, soil, and plumbing fittings, this project should be able to be done by most craftspeople for under $150, or less if you already have wood to spare.

Maintaining a garden will be easier with your own planter. The metal screen is designed to be easily removed, so you can plant seeds, trim plants, and water. There are some great benefits to making your own planter. You’ll have up to fourteen square feet of protected gardening space. The planter’s soil level is raised, so you won’t have to bend over to do uncomfortable pruning. With this planter you’ll be able to extend your growing season into the fall.

This instructables project will take 6-8 hours of time depending on complexity and skill level.

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How to Build a Self Watering Greenhouse Garden
How to Build a Self Watering Greenhouse Garden

It’s possible to fully customize your planter, by painting the exterior, or adding wall paper and other decorations.

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