DIY ProjectsHow To Build a Simple Bathroom Shelf Project

How To Build a Simple Bathroom Shelf Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a simple bathroom shelf project is a frugal functional option that is has open storage. While some of us have the luxury of storage space in our bathrooms, the rest of us aren’t so lucky. When you consider that our counter space is being overburdened with all of our essentials, it makes a trek to the sink feel like you’re searching in a deep forest.

This can prove very frustrating for someone wanting some extra shelving to house the essentials you need on a daily basis plus a few extras. If you can’t find what you’re wanting in your local home store, there is another option available to you.

How To Build a Simple Bathroom Shelf Project

This requires a quick trip to your local hardware store to pick up some plywood, paint, wood glue, and screws or nails. You’ll also need to grab a power saw, a nail gun (optional), a drill, and some paint brushes to complete this project. You’ll want to cut the wood to the dimensions you want for the shelving unit based on the schematic below. This can be done when you have some spare time and a desire to make your bathroom work for you with more storage for all your essentials.

To help with the clutter, many have purchased space savers from their local home store in the hopes of keeping that clutter off the counter. While this can work as an option, there are only so many designs from which to choose and those designs may not work for your needs at home.

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