Emergency PreparednessHow to Build a Small Wilderness Survival Kit

How to Build a Small Wilderness Survival Kit

This step by step tutorial of how to build a small wilderness survival kit is a great diy project that can give you desperately needed supplies in a life threatening situation. This kit is not focused on urban survival and therefore the main focus lies with survival in the woods.

When you’re traveling, you’ll find that anything is possible, even becoming stranded some place where you will need to use your survival skills. You will need to keep yourself safe until you can be rescued or find your own way out.

How to Build a Small Wilderness Survival Kit

When this happens, it helps to have a kit you have made on your person to help you through those tough times. You will stand a better chance of handling the elements and other dangers as you keep yourself hydrated, warm and gather food.

If you’re looking to make your own survival kit, you’ll find the guide below to be most helpful when you’re gathering supplies you’ll need and the right container to fit those supplies.

The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet by LAST MAN Survival Gear

Depending on your survival skills, the size of your kit matters. With any of these kits, you’ll want to focus on the following areas for surviving in the wilderness of any country you may be in at the time:

* Fire making materials
* Water purifiers
* Paracord for making shelter
* Fishing and trapping basics for food
* First aid materials in case you’re injured
* Flashlights or laser pens for signals to rescue teams
* Compass for direction
* Tools

ESEE Mini Survival Kit In Tin

Many items within your survival kit may be useful while you’re stuck in unknown area. Having all the necessary precautions will help you stay alive if the worst happens. Though the odds are highly against it, it’s best to be prepared. Better safe than sorry…..

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