WaterHow to Build a WATER POND on Your Homestead

How to Build a WATER POND on Your Homestead

This tutorial of how to build a water pond on your homestead that you can use to stock fish in, as a livestock watering hole or just a place to take a refreshing dip on a hot day is not as hard as one may think to build.
How to Build a WATER POND on Your Homestead

All homesteaders know that an adequate supply of fresh water for their livestock is extremely important, but not all parcels of land come with natural ponds. So what is a person to do if what they thought was the perfect plot of land for their homestead does not contain a single natural pond? The answer might be easier than you would think, simply create one for themselves. For most people it would probably require a little professional excavation work for much of the heavy work.

The author of this article wanted to share the plan he used to build his own natural watering pond on his land. He described the whole process from start to finish and made it very easy for just about anyone to be able to use it to plan their own.

The overall project does not require too many DIY skills to complete the project.

Benefits of reading the How to Build A Water Pond on Your Homestead Article

● The article describes in great detail what materials and supplies you will need

● It also includes a description of the process they went through from start to finish

● It includes numerous full color photos that depict many of the different stages of the construction

If you’ve always wanted a backyard pond, you’re not alone. In areas where there is ample ground water, some heavy equipment can make quick work of the job. In less than 90 minutes you can dig a pretty substantial pond that will likely hold water all year and plenty of it.

If you locate the basins on a hillside so that any runoff has a chance to collect — an existing washout gully is a good choice — you’ll be surprised at how much water the basin will gather during a rain.

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