DIY ProjectsHow to Build a Water Wheel Cooking Rotisserie

How to Build a Water Wheel Cooking Rotisserie

This step by step tutorial of how to build a water wheel cooking rotisserie is a do it yourself project that utilizes the onward flow of a stream to constantly turn the piece of meat till cooked perfectly.

Camping is an exciting time for everyone. It allows you to get outside and spend time in nature. Plus, camping can awaken creativity in people, resulting in ideas that they never would have thought of at any other time.

How to Build a Water Wheel Cooking Rotisserie

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This tutorial is a result of such creativity.

This is a tutorial on making a waterwheel rotisserie and a recipe for pulled pork. Everyone loves a good pulled pork. And this guide will show you how to make one on a rotisserie completely powered by flowing water. This is perfect if you have a stream or river around your home or if you go camping frequently near running water. Not only will it add a new recipe to your arsenal, it will making cooking easy and extremely entertaining.

For the tutorial on the waterwheel rotisserie, you will need the following materials:

– 5” x ¼” x 4 Hobby Wood
– 1.5 x ¼” x 3 Hobby Wood
– 4’ Wooden Dowels
– Wood Screws
– Brackets
– 10” x 10” x ¾” Piece of Wood
– 72” x 1/2” Threaded Steel Rod
– Drill or Screw Driver
– Saw
– Hatchet
– Wood Glue
– Hot Glue
– Tape or Rope
– Palm Sander
– Garbage Bags

To make the pulled pork, you will need the following ingredients and materials:

– Pork Shoulder
– Meat Thermometer
– Tongs
– Forks
– Buns
– BBQ Sauce
– Aluminum Trays
– Paper Towels

And just like that, you’ll have DIY rotisserie pulled pork.


Click here to read about how to build a water wheel cooking rotisserie:

Here is a short video of the Water Wheel Cooking Rotisserie in action… enjoy !

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Melissa Francis
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