Raising LivestockHow to Build Automatic Door For a Chicken Feeder

How to Build Automatic Door For a Chicken Feeder

This step by step tutorial of how to build automatic door for a chicken feeder is a worth wild do it yourself project that helps reduce waste. This article gives a brilliant solution for such a problem and allows you to build an auto door for chicken feeder which will allow the feed from getting spoiled.

This fairly easy to build technique will solve all your problems. The process is divided into 11 steps with detailed instructions and illustrations to make the job for readers as easy as possible. Along with the steps a complete list of tools and parts are also given separately. All the materials can be easily found in the market near you or you can order them online as well.

How to Build Automatic Door For a Chicken Feeder

You can also slightly alter the plan by changing the way you make the door but it is advised to the readers to follow the exact plan especially if it is their first time in building something or they are not sure what the project is.

Have a read at the article and you’ll be sure to find that this is a rather innovative and useful technique to keep the chicken feed clean and rats free!

For homesteaders who keep chickens, everyone knows how hard it is to keep the rats, mice and other small insects out of the feed. Mice traps and work for a while but it is not a definite long term solution.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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