DIY ProjectsHow to Build Balanced Throwing Axe DIY Project

How to Build Balanced Throwing Axe DIY Project

How to Build Balanced Throwing Axe DIY Project from old tools is an old world skill that a frugal homesteader can embrace.

How to Build Balanced Throwing Axe DIY Project

Get the following: an axe (but not a new one), wood stain, leather and dye, hardwood, a saw, metal-friendly oil, sander, a wire brush, and wood files. Pick an axe of good shape and saw off the axe’s handle; it will be used again later. Next, take the sander and files and move it on the axe’s head to alter the look of it with its acute angles. Don’t let the head get overheated because it could melt internally, so put some water on it if it becomes too hot. Convert to the butt end of it into a cone-shaped cut.

Next, sharpen it up. Make it the exact style as desired by turning it along the belt grinder. Then, it’s time to heat it up. Get a coal forge (or something similar) to warm up to 1200 degrees. Cool the butt down carefully and repeat at least three times. Back to the head: get gloves, an apron, and goggles for safety reasons. Spread the oil over the head and heat up to 1600 degrees; it will smoke up as expected. Repeat the process after it cools down to make sure it has hardened correctly.

Cooled and hard, take the axe and wipe off the burned oil left on it a wire brush in order to keep the darkened edge. Now, get back the handle and reshape and cut it to the exact custom desired, followed by sanding and then adding a coat of wood stain. Let it dry and cut a 3.5 x 8-inch piece of leather and punch a few holes along an edge. Dye it and insert the handle head into the axe’s head. Wrap the leather around the handle and braid it. Add the final touch on top with a long piece of leather tied around the head.

For this build, you will need:

an old axe (Buy here from Amazon)

a little piece of hardwood

some  wood stain (Buy here from Amazon)

some leather/hide

some leather dye (Buy here from Amazon)

a belt sander / palm sander (Buy here from Amazon)

a saw

rasps and files

some way to heat treat the axe’s head (if needed)

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