DIY ProjectsHow to Build Foam Micro Teardrop Camper Project

How to Build Foam Micro Teardrop Camper Project

How to build foam micro teardrop camper project is detailed in this step by step tutorial. True outdoor enthusiasts will embrace the idea of building their own pull along micro camper sleeping accommodations.

How to Build Foam Micro Camper Project

This is a rare display of ingenuity and creativity. You will learn how to build a micro-camper all by yourself. Some of these constructions are not as difficult as people think. You will learn all the steps involved in the project.

The idea behind this project is to build a camping trailer that is very spacious and still fit the garage of the writer. You can learn all the basics but you can alter the dimension of your own camping trailer to fit your own garage. This means yours can be bigger or smaller.

The first step is to choose the type and size of the frame. It is needless to remind you that the frame size determines the total dimension of your camping trailer. He chose 6 by 10 inch that will fit into his own garage. You can build the frame or simply purchase an old and abandoned camper like he did. He was lucky to have gotten one for just $200.

The next step is to reconstruct the old camping trailer. This is not possible without dismantling it piece by piece. It took about four hours for him to get it down to bare metal frame. It could take you a little more. Once you are down to the frame, you need to begin by building the floor system. This is where you design the floor of the trailer the way you want.

The next step is to build or buy the wheels. There are a few factors to consider in doing this. So it is important to pay close attention to this part while going through the whole article. Take the time to read the article for all the necessary information and don’t forget to share it immediately after.

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