DIY ProjectsHow to Build Furniture for Inside a Camper Van

How to Build Furniture for Inside a Camper Van

This step by step tutorial of how to build furniture for inside a camper van helps create a bed, table and benches. A more self contained camper van can make traveling on a frugal budget possible.

How to Build Furniture for Inside a Camper VanThe authors of this tutorial loved to get outside, but afterwards, they wanted to hang out a little before heading home. Unfortunately, the van they traveled in didn’t have the right layout for this. So, taking matters into their own hands, they decided to come up with a way to make a bench system in the back of the van that could be converted from a bed into a table. Now they can all hang out after adventuring.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’ll need the following materials:

– 4×8 5/8 Plywood
– Sheet of Plywood
– Leg and Mounts
– Pine Studs
– Wood Glue
– Nails
– Nail Gun
– Screws
– Bolts, Nuts, and Washers
– Hinges
– A Miter Saw
– Drill
– Table Saw
– Measuring Tape
– Square
– Clamps
– Paintbrushes
– Varnish
– Sand Paper

While the list is a bit extensive, the entire project comes out to a very reasonable price. It’s much cheaper than buying a pre-made trailer!

Now days, it seems like there is a huge movement about getting active and outdoors. It seems like every social media account is full of people running, rock climbing, biking, or doing outdoor yoga. And it’s a great movement! The only problem seems to be that doing these things takes a lot of traveling or driving, and sometimes there just isn’t an affordable place to stay. This problem was solved in the following tutorial!

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