Primitive SkillsHow to Build a Primitive Survival Star Fire

How to Build a Primitive Survival Star Fire

This step by step tutorial of how to build a primitive survival star fire is an excellent method for an overnight where you continuously push logs towards the center.

Fires have served our purposes for centuries as our need to stay warm at night or during the harshest winter months has kept searching for the right heating source. While many hunters and campers alike have their preferred fire building setups, we can look back into history for a method used by Native Americans for a fire that burns through the night with little effort.
How to Build a Primitive Survival Star Fire

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One such fire building technique is the star fire. This type of fire structure doesn’t take much beyond the usual fire needs: fuel logs, tinder, and kindling along with your trusted matches or other fire starting method. With this type of fire build, you’ll soon find why it’s not only functional, but well worth a try with its star shape that allows for longer burning times compared to other fires.

Granted, you’ll need to watch this type of fire to keep it feed and controlled, but the beauty of this build is that your fire can last for hours longer especially when you follow the easy steps and give the fire all the oxygen it needs to burn and grow steadily. So the next time you’re camping or fishing, you might give this fire build a try.

There’s just something about a having a log fire in a campsite when you are out in the woods.

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