DIY ProjectsHow to Build Traps for Feral Wild Pigs

How to Build Traps for Feral Wild Pigs

This step by step tutorial will share how to build traps for feral wild pigs. Wild pigs have giant dangerous tusks that are sharp and attached to a wild creature that is not afraid to charge. Feral pigs can be life threatening to the safety of family, friends, pets and livestock on a homestead. They can also destroy trees, garden crops, buildings on the homestead and cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage in a short period of time.

How to Build Traps for Feral Wild Pigs

Depending on where you live, you may find that feral pigs can be fairly problematic as they wreak havoc on your land and even your crops. When you find that these feral pigs are becoming too much, you can take matters into your own hands. To do this, you will want to create some traps for these pigs that will make them more likely to go into the trap.

To find the right trap for your property and needs, you can find several of them below with some able to trap up to a couple and others that can trap quite a few more. From box traps to corral traps, there is a trap somewhere in there for you and your feral pig problem. Based on your choice, you could be looking at materials that consist of wood planks and sliding doors or you could be searching out sturdier materials of the metal variety.

With each of these, you’ll find some pros and cons that come with the territory, but you may find that the pros will outweigh the cons. For example, the corral trap takes the longest to build, but you get the ability to trap more feral pigs than you would with the traditional, wooden trap. While there is some trade-off, you will find that each of these three traps can work for your property and save you more money than if you allow the feral pigs to continue to run rampant.

With the traps below, you’ll find the plans and material lists you need to make the most of the one you choose.

As of 2013, the estimated population of six million feral pigs causes billions of dollars in property damage every year in the U.S., both in wild and agricultural lands. Because pigs forage by rooting for their food under the ground with their snout and tusks, a sounder (group) of feral pigs can damage acres of planted fields in just a few nights. The population of feral pigs has increased from 2 million pigs ranging over 20 states in 1990, to triple that number 25 years later, ranging over 38 states with new territories expanding north into Oregon, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Hampshire – as quoted by wikipedia.

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