DIY ProjectsHow to Build Wall Recess Shelving DIY Project

How to Build Wall Recess Shelving DIY Project

This simple tutorial of how to build wall recess shelving diy project is how to give your homesteading house charm as well as function.

How to Build Wall Recess Shelving DIY Project

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Just choose your desired size for the unit and its approximate placement on your wall and avoid putting it directly below or above the wall switches, or lighting fixtures and you are good to go. Note that this unit has to go in between the studs. Which is why after finding the location of your wall studs, mark and cut the sheetrock using a hand tool and you are all set. It is as easy at that. See the full DIY tutorial below.

This recessed shelves in a wall DIY project makes for great place to store your keys and charge your mobile devices. It can be custom made from any wood of your choosing and can be finished to match with your room’s natural wood paneling. You can use this project to design shelves that unlock some hidden storage space in between your wall studs.

The simple building recessed shelves in a wall DIY project is easy to carry out. With it, you can construct recessed shelving that fits in between the spaces existing on the wall studs without having to remove the studs.

This DIY recessed shelves project can turn obstacle into an opportunity, even in a wall that is load-bearing. It can add the much needed shelf space you require, and can make a previously bare room look warmer, more comfortable and sophisticated.

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Melissa Francis
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