Build ItHow To Build Your Own Walk In Cooler

How To Build Your Own Walk In Cooler

 Build your own walk in cooler. In this article you will see how to build a walk in cooler and save money while you are at it. These walk in coolers are cooled with a window air conditioner. The problem with using an air conditioner is that when you try to cool below 67 degrees ice will form on the coils but by using a Coolbot with an air conditioner you can bring the temperature down and keep it in the 30’s.

The very neat part about this is how much money you can save and still have your own walk in cooler. A walk in cooler compressor will cost 2500 and up plus installation. The Coolbot is only 299 the price has gone up  and you can install it your self. Store It Cold shares info on how to build, insulate and seal your walk in cooler and has a few different walk in coolers that others have made using the Coolbot so you can see how easy it would be to build your own. You can buy the Coolbot from the company or you can find it and air conditioners on Amazon here.

This would be great for hunters to keep the meat cold, Produce marketers to avoid spoilage. Perfect for butchers, florists, wine cellar and even to keep seed in for anyone like farmers that need to store a lot of seed. One of the walk in coolers they show on the site was built for a grocery store and the cooler ended up being 10 x 12 and cost them only 3700 to complete.  Another on is a trailer that is pulled and cost them 3500. There is even a cold room plan.

So if you are in need of a walk in cooler and want to save a lot of money you may want to look into a Coolbot and building your own walk in cooler instead of buying a commercial cooler compressor.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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