CanningHow To Can And Use Chicken And Rabbit

How To Can And Use Chicken And Rabbit

        With the way meat prices continue to soar at the grocery store we may all need to start supplementing out pantry shelves by canning our own home raised meat. While most folks can’t have a cow or hog in the backyard there are many places all across the US where you can have backyard chickens for both eggs and meat. And raising rabbits can be done without a problem. Granny Miller shows us how to can chicken and rabbit and as she says you can keep rabbits in the garage or even in a basement and they can be harvested a couple of times per year.

        Rabbit manure makes great fertilizer for the garden with no waiting. You can just clean the cages and add it right to the garden. She also says you can use rabbit and chicken interchangeably in recipes so if you have a recipe that calls for chicken but you are out of chicken you could use the rabbit meat.

          With beef running around 6 or 7 dollars per pound it may be time to start growing our own meat, that or give it up and become vegetarian although they are exactly cheap at the store either. I think that why a lot of us have gardens.


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Melissa Francis
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