CanningHow To Can Hot Mustard Amish Recipe

How To Can Hot Mustard Amish Recipe

Can up some Amish hot mustard and you can have this spicy condiment all winter long. You could probably make this only once per year and have enough to get you through to next time. If you have peppers in your garden this is a good way to use a few of them up right now as well. You can use your favorite or a mixture of favorites. If you are using hot chilies then your mustard will be pretty hot.

How To Can Hot Mustard Amish Recipe


You can use hot peppers and remove the seeds and veins to reduce the heat a little or leave them in if you like a good kick.  Thyme Square Garden shares this recipe and says she used an assortment of hot and mild peppers. This recipe starts off with a big jar of regular yellow mustard that get remade into the hot mustard from this Amish recipe. Once you have it canned you can put on the pantry shelf and enjoy it for months.

This would make a nice addition to a gift basket of cheese and crackers. Along with some summer sausage or salami. Reading the comments I see someone else that reduced the sugar called for in the recipe. I too would reduce it down a bit, I think 5 cups of sugar is a bit much in mustard. While this Amish hot mustard is supposed to be sweet and hot, I personally go do with a little less sweet than five cups of sugar. Other than that change I know we will love this mustard.


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