CanningHow To Can Rabbit Vegetable Soup

How To Can Rabbit Vegetable Soup

For folks that raise rabbits for meat here is how to can rabbit and vegetable soup so you can stock your pantry shelves and save your freezer space for other things.

How To Can Rabbit Vegetable Soup

You can also use this recipe to can chicken vegetable soup. Greneaux Gardens shares both the recipe and the canning instructions for this and lets us know that we can add noodles to our soup when we open a jar to serve it, because you can not can noodles safely. Noodles take only minutes to cook so it will still be a quick meal.

The recipe for the soup make 4 quarts which is not bad. This would be a great way to get your rabbit cooked and processed and make great almost instant meals in the winter time.  On a busy day you can open up a jar and heat it , cook some noodles and add them or serve your soup with some nice crusty bread and call it dinner.


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