BeekeepingHow to Coexist with Homesteading Bees

How to Coexist with Homesteading Bees

These tips of how to coexist with homesteading bees can help making friends with these little amazingly hard workers. Bees beneficially pollinate flowers, herbs, vegetables and even fruit.

How to Coexist with Homesteading Bees

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While many people consider bees and wasps things to fear and to avoid, the truth is they are much more useful to humans than they appear to be. With the honeybee much of our produce would never make it to the market or our corner grocery store and there would not be any sweet tasting honey in the jar either.

This article was designed to help inform the reader about some valuable information about bees and wasps.

This article contains plenty of stuff that many of the readers have no idea about the nuisance pests most would rather just avoid. Most people these days have at least one or more stories about how they were tormented by a bee or wasp and how they got stung. However, the truth is, most bees and wasps only sting as a last resort.

1. Quit using pesticides, they lead to the impairment of a honeybee’s neurological function such as memory and cognition. Avoid pesticides and fungicides in your garden, and if you must, use ones from natural sources.

2. Allow weeds and wildflowers for bees to graze upon otherwise they become malnutritioned. Grow a pollinator garden with bee-friendly, organic, local plants and flowers, placed together in clusters with different shapes and colors.

3. Contact a local beekeeper to safely relocate a hive that’s troubling you, instead of destroying it.

Become a beekeeper or find space in your garden for a beehive!

Let dandelions and clover grow in your yard because they are 2 of bees favorite foods.

Eat more honey and buy it from a local beekeeper.

Benefits of reading Facts about Bees and Wasps

● Discover a whole lot of information about bees and wasps that you may not be aware of

● It also explained that wasps and bees can be either non-aggressive or aggressive

● The article includes several full color diagrams and some pictures to help reinforce all of the information presented

● All of the information was presented in an easy to read and understable format

Click here to read about these tips of how to coexist with homesteading bees:

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Melissa Francis
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