Primitive SkillsHow to Cook and EAT Giant Grubs Insects

How to Cook and EAT Giant Grubs Insects

This tutorial of how to cook and eat giant grubs insects is a primitive life saving skill that will give you calories and nourishment in emergency dire situation. Your first reaction to this article was probably a sense of revulsion. Billions of people already eat insects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America every day.

Here is a an informative article about all the different types of edible insects… click here.

Look below the ad banner to read how to find, clean and cook  these giant grubs. Our country may not widely embrace grubs as a food source but by contrast, in other cultures, they’re still prized as a delicacy. In Japan, they like to marinate the grubs of the longhorn beetle in soy sauce before grilling them. In Samoa, they feed them on coconut shavings for a few days, then roast them over charcoal wrapped in a banana leaf.

How to Cook and EAT Giant Grubs

Most people would never ever think they could eat insects but honestly you probably already do when eating and drinking processed foods. These figures are limits set by the FDA for food contamination — in their words, “levels of natural or unavoidable defects in foods that present no health hazards for humans.” These insects pose no health risks, and even the FDA’s limits are simply set for aesthetic reasons — in other words, so you don’t actually see the bugs mixed in to your food. That you’ve been eating them your entire life should tell you how much of a danger they present.

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Melissa Francis
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