RecipesHow To Cook Your Broccoli Stems Instead Of Tossing Them

How To Cook Your Broccoli Stems Instead Of Tossing Them

When you make broccoli do you throw away the stems? Yeah I always did too unless I had soup planned in the next couple of days, I would keep them in that case to slice and throw some into the soup but mostly then got tossed. Well here are a few ways to use them instead of tossing them. I think now that I have seen these recipes I won’t ever throw away the steams. It seems like a waste anyway to go to the store and buy the broccoli and then bring it home and automatically throw away half of it.

How To Cook Your Broccoli Stems Instead Of Tossing Them

Pure Wow did a round-up and shares eight different recipes for using those broccoli stems. They all look delicious, especially  this Broccoli stems with garlic and anchovies by Food 52. I think I would leave out the anchovies but the broccoli and garlic sounds really yummy.  Sure beats throwing away perfectly good food that I paid good money for.



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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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