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How to Cover Textured Walls with Peel and Stick Temporary Wallpaper

You’ve seen it multiple times on Instagram, google, and websites, peel and stick wallpaper. While searching for a change-up with little responsibility or needing a tenant accommodating plan change, peel and stick wallpaper can give you some serious results.

Removable or peel and stick wallpaper is typically produced using materials with a low-tack glue that won’t harm walls and is not difficult to eliminate. Here, we’re sharing tips on the best way to apply like an ace from two experts, Elizabeth Rees and Heather Shaw Menis. You can check out wallpaper for walls, peel, and stick. 

Clean Your Walls

Not amazingly, you want to clean your walls before applying the wallpaper. “Wipe down the walls a couple of days early on to consider the walls to be perfect and dry before application,” Rees says. Shaw Menis suggests likewise cleaning with denatured liquor.

Choose If You Need to Paint

Rees says that removable wallpaper will work best on smooth surfaces prepared with premium eggshell, silk, or semi-sparkle paint. Matte completions don’t commonly function admirably with this wallpaper, as the glue can bond and pull the color while eliminating it. Finished walls additionally make it hard for a set to stick appropriately.

Shaw Menis says a decent stunt, which would be a good idea for you, is to paint your walls a comparable variety to the foundation of the wallpaper. So that if you truly do wind up with any little holes between the wall and covering, they will not be as self-evident.

Purchase the Right Amount

Rees prescribes purchasing 10% to 15% more wallpaper than you’ll naturally suspect you want, especially if it’s a convoluted example. It’ll assist with difficult situations and corners to have overage.

Have the Right Tools

You needn’t bother with devices to apply this wallpaper, yet they will make the establishment a piece more straightforward — and both Rees and Shaw Menis concur. 

Both suggest a cutting blade like a Xacto for precarious points and corners and a smoothing device like a ruler, which will assist you in estimating one more kind of smoothing apparatus for difficult situations. Shaw Menis utilizes the TimberMaxx lip — and maybe a little needle to help with popping air rises in the wallpaper.

Begin the Application, and Keep an Eye on the Backing

“To make the establishment more sensible, begin by stripping off the rear of only the highest point of the board, and gradually strip a greater amount of the easing off as you go,” Rees says. Shaw Menis concurs yet adds a little stunt — a strip in the center. Stick the center, eliminate the sponsorship from the top, and spot, then same for the base, she recommends.

With regards to most peel and stick wallpapers, you can straighten them out now and again without serious results. “Try not to stress over mess up. You can take it crazy and once again stick,” Rees says.

Utilize a smoothing device to get things quite level and smooth down at a point toward the base — a 45-degree point works best with the goal that the air can escape sideways, as per Shaw Menis. 

For any interesting regions, utilize a blade to remove openings or points. Shaw Menis additionally suggests not pulling the paper excessively difficult to forestall extending.

Removing It — Don’t Worry, It’s Easy

Pull the corner and begin slow, and the peel and stick wallpaper ought to come right off at whatever point you want a change. Don’t worry about how to remove it because it is easy.


In conclusion, if you wise to use a peel and stick wallpaper, follow the above steps, and you will have a nice smooth wallpaper. 

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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