CraftsHow to Create Summer Cool Off Sponge Necklaces for Kids

How to Create Summer Cool Off Sponge Necklaces for Kids

how to create cool off sponge necklaces for kids

Summer is coming and there is nothing that children love more than to be outside in the sun and have some fun. It is a great time because they are able to run and jump in the yard and burn off some of that cabin fever that accumulates over the winter months. But with the nice summer weather also brings the problem of keeping them cooled down. If you live in areas where the summer temperatures reach very high levels and the humidity can reach alarming percentages as well, you need to find a way that you can keep your kids cool and hydrated without making them constantly stop their activities.

There is a simple way to do just that; make them a hydrating cool off necklace.

This simple project you can do with your kids before they go out to play, involves very little supplies and a whole lot of positivity afterwards. All you need are unused dry kitchen sponges (in fun colors), a needle, and about two feet of .5mm Stretch Magic cord. All you need to do is to cut the sponges into whatever shapes you want, roughly half inch squares will do. Then you will take the stretchy cord and thread your needle with it. After you do that, thread the needle and cord through the sponges until you have enough to make it a round necklace. Tie the ends in a knot to complete you circle. Then wet the necklace with water and lightly ring it out. Put the necklace in the freezer to chill and wait at least 30 minutes for the most effective cooling amount. Then you can take it out, slip it over your child’s head and they will be able to play outside while staying cool thanks to the frozen sponges.

By doing this simple thing, you can keep your child at a well regulated temperature while they have fun outside. Because children are small and they are constantly active, they have a tendency to get overheated easily. They also do not recognize the signs their body is telling them that they are over heated either. This can lead to major things happening if you are unaware that they are a little overheated. By letting them play with this cooling necklace, they are cooling down their core temperature as they are playing which helps their bodies stay a little more regulated.

With such a simple and reusable solution, don’t put a damper on your child’s summer fun, keep them playing for hours in the sun while not having to worry too much about them.

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How to Create Summer Cool Off Sponge Necklaces for Kids
How to Create Summer Cool Off Sponge Necklaces for Kids

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How to Create Cool Off Sponge Necklaces for Kids

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