CrochetHow To Crochet A Rug with T Shirt Fabric Yarn

How To Crochet A Rug with T Shirt Fabric Yarn

This step by step tutorial of How To Crochet A Rug with T Shirt Fabric Yarn is an amazingly frugal way to reused stained shirts into a warm cozy rug.

For generations people have been making rag rugs as an affordable way to make a rug from leftover scraps of fabrics.   Using what you have to make something useful without dipping into your saving or going to debt was a proud accomplishment back in times gone by.   Actually, frugal homesteaders of today are still taking pride in self sufficiency skills and crafts.   Reuse material possessions you already own instead of buying more stuff…. jump off the consumer treadmill and save your cash.

How To Crochet A Rug with T Shirt Fabric Yarn
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Do you have t shirts that are stained beyond wearing out in public any longer ? Excellent, then they are perfect to cut into thin strip to make t shirt yarn. At the end of each length, tie a tight knot to join the pieces together then roll into a big ball.

Here are the things you may need:

  • T Shirts Yarn

  • Yarn – regular

  • Crochet Hook – any size

  • Scissors

 photo a_zpsc5a2d8e1.jpg

A rag rug is significantly lighter and softer than commercially made rug, it dries quickly after washing by hanging on a clothesline. Plus this method, is in fact can be made from absolutely any leftovers – any fabric, any yarn.

 photo 130215174653a_zpsa1c39e9d.jpg

This rag rug uses T-shirt yarn and the remnants of bright yarn.
<center photo 130215174654_zps22e76823.jpg

Crochet hook can be any size although if you pick a smaller hook the rag rug will be more dense. If you use a larger hook, your rag rug will be looser.

 photo 3s_zps0be00a50.jpg

While crocheting each diameter of the ringlet, you must slightly increase the amount of stitches so the rag rug will lay flat and not bunch up.

 photo 130215174654as_zpse173eb86.jpg
 photo 130215174654f_zps9c2d445f.jpg
 photo 130215174654q_zps2c4496a8.jpg
 photo 130215174654ee_zps86f329bc.jpg
 photo 130215174654hhh_zps4bc90685.jpg

Front Side of rag rug

 photo 130215174653_zps30a6563c.jpg

Back Side of rag rug

 photo 24693745e9_zps007c8c27.jpg

Click here to read about how to make a t shirt rag rug:

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