CrochetHow to Crochet Zipper into Pouch Craft Projects

How to Crochet Zipper into Pouch Craft Projects

How to Crochet a Zipper into Pouch Craft Projects is a great way to add a functional closing mechanism without it being an intimidating part of the project. Zippers are actually really cool.

How to Crochet Zipper into Pouch Craft Projects

A zipper pouch is perfect for those who desire for a handy bag in any size that can store items. It is extremely easy and fun to make a zipper pouch, and it also allows you to make it according to your tastes and needs. Therefore, you will only need a worsted weight yarn, a zipper – which will determinate the size of your zipper pouch -, a 3.5mm crochet hook, and a yarn needle.

You will start to make your zipper pouch from the zipper, therefore, you need to cut even holes in its fabric or use a ruler and a pen to mark it, then use the needle to poke through it as you crochet around the zipper. The holes need to be evenly lined up for the stitches to look nice and, even though there are multiple options of size for these bags, it is advisable for the crochet to start on the same place in each side.

Besides that, when starting to crochet the pouch, feel free to choose as many colors as you like. First of all, after you have started to crochet and completed one side of the first row, you will need to cross to the other side of the zipper fabric, for that use the next hole on the opposite side and pull a loop. When finishing the other side, remember to insert your hook into the next hole and make a single crochet plus one more.

Continue to crochet as many rows as you want and, after you are satisfied, finish with a slip stitch and sew the bag closed.

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