DIY ProjectsHow to Cut and Polish Glass Wine Bottles

How to Cut and Polish Glass Wine Bottles

This step by step tutorial of how to cut and polish glass wine bottles is a relatively safe way to turn empty wine and beer bottles in endless craft projects.

There are many articles available on the internet that describe glass cutting in quite a detail and some of them are really good and have clear instructions. Hence I decided that I would focus more on the finishing touches on the bottle rather than the bottle cutter itself. In five easy steps I have explained the art and craft of glass cutting and polishing for the convenience of the readers.

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How to Cut and Polish Glass Wine Bottles

To begin with you would obviously need a bottle cutter. There is a wide variety available in the market however, if you don’t have one or don’t manage to find one you can even make it yourself using a regular glass cutter. Make sure you are very carefully while cutting into a glass bottle so as to avoid any injuries. This article, although, will explain all the major steps in bottle glass cutting but will give a detailed explanation on grinding and polishing. It is advisable to practice on some spare bottles if you are not very good at it or trying it for the first time.

Here are a few tools that could make this project a lot easier:

Red Devil DIY Glass Cutter – (Buy Here)

Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter – (Buy Here)

AGPtek Glass Bottle Cutter Machine Cutting Tool For Wine Bottles – (Buy Here)

Studio Pro Pistol Grip Glass Cutter with Oil Reservoir – (Buy Here)

Once you get a hang of it you can actually start working on the bottle you want. You can use the finished product as vases, candle holders or any other form of decoration. You can even paint it using glass paints and it would make a really nice gift for a friend. So gather up your tools folks and get to work!

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