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How to Decorate Your Bedroom with a Mattress

Decorating a room fit for a king is not nearly as complicated as you think, even if you only have a modest budget. You may be looking around at the four walls and cot, and afraid your bedroom will look like a cheap hotel room — but have no fear!

We are about to look at some of the hottest ideas that will allow you to unleash your creativity. Here are the best ways to create a stylish and attractive bedroom without spending too much.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Place Your Mattress on the Floor

One of the most cost-effective ideas is to skip the whole bed frame and place the mattress right on the floor. Yes, sleeping on the floor is not quite as comfortable as sleeping on the bedframe, and you will need to get accustomed to rising and sitting at floor level each time you climb in and out of bed — but, if practiced correctly, this could be a good thing.

As suggested by, it would be good to get a mattress with a little more support and substance than a futon on the floor if you were doing this. To get an idea of the options available, follow this link to some of the best mattresses for floor use.

Use Pallets Instead of a Bed Frame

If you haven’t resigned yourself to sleeping on the floor, there are some low-cost alternatives to the bed frame. For example, you can lay pallets across the area where you will sleep and raise the mattress a few inches from the ground. Be selective in the process and choose only those pallets that will support you and your mattress together. Here is a simple guide to creating your DIY pallet bed.

Pallet Bed

Put Mattress on a Topper

A budget bedroom is not only about getting the best mattress for less; it is about thinking about the way the room ties together. A good rug forms a thermal barrier from the cold floor and keeps the mattress from sliding across the cold floor.

Experiment with Draperies

You can also add some flair and style to your room by adding a canopy or curtain to your sleeping zone. That adds an air of enchantment and mystery to your room. Choose the fabric to match the tone you hope to set. Then just add some anchors, grab a handful of curtain rings from your supply stores, and voila.

Create a DIY Headboard

If you are mismatching a mattress to a makeshift — but still stylish and functional— headboard, then you will need a headboard. That is good because it can be created so easily, and it will completely transform the look of your bed and room.

Go with a Minimalistic Look

Today some of the cheapest-looking mattresses aren’t even that cheap. That is because the minimalist design has called for quality on the down-low. They look basic, but their performance is high. You can take full advantage of this simplistic and straightforward design trend by using 1-2 colors and 1-2 color accents. Imagine the surprise when your friends see what a stylish person you have become.

minimalist bedroom

Use a Futon Instead of a Traditional Bed

A futon is far cheaper than a mattress and perfectly reflects the ascetic life. But these can be taken to a whole new level by combining them with a frame; this will transform your futon bed into a comfy sofa during the day.

Try an Airbed

If you think air mattresses have a bad reputation, give them another shot. The modern air mattress is comfortable, luxurious, and cost-effective; a brand-new-top-of-the-line air mattress with a built-in air pump will cost less than $400. Sure, you won’t get that same level of support as you might with a standard bed, but you can deflate it and stow it under the bed when not in use.

Add Some Cozy Atmosphere

You can add a sense of magic, calm, and dimension to your room by stringing up the right set of lights. You can even lay these about the mattress to make the room even more attractive.

Shift Your Bed to the Corner

If you have a small bedroom, place your bed to one side to create more space and remove the focus from your budget mattress. Furthermore, placing the mattress in the corner of the room is the best way to make your sleeping accommodations look cozier.

Properly Choose Sheets

Don’t even worry about the cost of the mattress; no one is going to see it anyway. It would be better to invest in comfortable sheets and bedding to give your room some flair. With the cash you save on a cost-effective mattress, you can afford bedding that will make your bed look like something from a 5-Star hotel.

White Color Is Always a Win

The real key to beauty and elegance is simplicity. What could be simpler than white? You will add an extra helping of style points by simply making your room white and various shades of this elegant tone.

Lay Out the Surrounding Items

The devil is in the details. Even though you have already made your bed the attractive focal point of your bedroom, it is the tie to address the details. Consider adding details like nightstands, cute lamps, cushions, and other elements that will sell the look and feel of the room. No detail — like the cost-effective bed— will gain too much attention by adding points of interest around the room. The deception is complete.

Try a Hanging Bed

Another way to wrap up a low-cost bed in an air of mystery, or curiosity, is to make a hanging bed. That is easier than it sounds. All you need is a solid bed frame or a bunkie board, and secure it to the ceiling with heavy-duty eye lag bolts with a sufficient weight capacity. Layout the mattress and done!

Opt For Higher Mattresses

There are options available in every make and model; if you try searching around hybrid beds and memory foam options, you will find a good selection. If your mattress is already on the thin side, consider adding a mattress topper to make your bed more luxurious looking.

Play with Textures

Textures are a powerful way to play with the effect and style of the room. Just shout pomp and elegance if you have a luxurious-looking canopy, rich colors, and solid patterns. You can also use a distressed-looking sheet and faded prints to create a breezy, carefree style.

luxurious-looking canopy

Make Your Bed Frame

If you are one of those DIY enthusiasts, building the room of your dreams is a joy. Instead of purchasing a bed frame, apply your skills of planning and organizing to create your perfect bed frame. It will probably cost you less even if you have to buy some missing tools. You can check out some cool ideas right here.

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