Food DehydratingHow To Dehydrate Yogurt - Great For Camping

How To Dehydrate Yogurt – Great For Camping

Dehydrate your yogurt and make it portable. This is a great way to be able to have yogurt when you are camping or to store it in the freezer as it will only stay good for about a week if not refrigerated. But if you are going camping or hiking for a weekend this is a great way to take some yogurt. Once dehydrated you can grind it into powder which can then be added to oatmeal or soups or just plain water to rehydrate it. I would recommend using low fat yogurt because I think the fats would go rancid pretty quick.

How To Dehydrate Yogurt - Great For Camping

For anyone hiking or camping this is a great way to add both calcium and some extra calories to your foods without a lot of weight. Judy Palmer shares the recipe on Instructables. For at home use the yogurt with fruit it a great way to make a yogurt leather. You put circles of your fruit yogurt on the fruit leather trays of the dehydrator 2 or three  inches around and once dry but not brittle ( they will feel a little tacky) you just peel them off and eat, you can also roll the rounds up into little tubes of yumminess. Keep in the fridge for up to a week. Kids love these sweet fruity yogurt leathers.

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