CraftsHow to Empty an Egg by Blowing

How to Empty an Egg by Blowing

This step by step tutorial of how to empty an egg by blowing is perfect when creating permanent egg craft projects.

People are always looking for creative hobbies that use resources that naturally occur on the homestead. This article is about how to blow eggs in an easy and fun way without making a mess in your kitchen. It is an innovative way to preserve the shell of the egg and at the same time not wasting the contents inside.

All you need to blow your eggs Blas-fix egg blowing kit which you can order online. Using the pump and the drilling tool inside it you will be able to blow eggs in no time at all. Apart from the kit you would require a large threading needle which is easily available in the market and most of the times can be found at home.

How to Empty an Egg by Blowing

For people who might be thinking as to what to do with the eggs, well you can start by decorating them and arrange them in a basket to use it as a decoration. If Easter is coming up you can color these eggs or just sprinkle some glitter on them and gift it to your friends and family, impressing them with your wonderful artistic skills.

You may ask “What would you do with a blown out egg ?” Well, there is quite a few craft projects that a creative homesteader can be artistic with empty eggs. Decorative eggs in a clear glass bowl are a frugal way to add homesteading charm indoors.

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When choosing the right eggs to decorate, those of today have the options of papier-mache eggs found at most craft stores, plastic eggs, ceramic eggs, or even real eggs. While most of these mediums are more convenient, there is something to be said about using the real thing for such special occasions and decorating projects.

So, how does one go about using a real egg for decoration purposes? Well, some will hard boil them, but these only last a few days before they must be tossed. They may be perfect for Easter eggs hunts as extra treats, they aren’t suited for more permanent decorating styles. This is where the practice of egg blowing comes into play. This procedure does take some time and skill, but it’s relatively easy once you get the hang of it. The main objective is burrowing a hole to dispose of the yolk and white stuff inside, keeping the shell whole.

Once this has been done successfully as outlined below, you can then go onto cleaning the surface and preparing it for the many mediums of painting and decorating available to you from actual paints of acrylics, watercolors, or dyes. Add some glue and glitter and you’ll have a masterpiece on your hands. However, you decide to decorate your eggs, make them your own and have fun with them while doing it. Just be sure to blow them first to keep them from rotting.

This article provides an excellent solution for those who are looking for a new hobby.

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