DIY ProjectsHow to Forge a Homesteading Viking Axe

How to Forge a Homesteading Viking Axe

This step by step tutorial of how to forge a homesteading Viking axe
can pose challenges but is a rewarding DIY tool project.

For your next big crafting project, are you looking for a unique challenge? Are you wanting something that not many can say they have the skill to do? Do you have some experience with blacksmithing techniques? Or do you know someone who does and wants to the chance to make something fresh and useful for him/herself or for others? Why not look into the idea of making your own Viking axe?

These axes are based on the awesome structure and durability of those made by the Vikings in a bygone era when they conquered distant shores and colonized new areas in the name of their clan leaders.

How to Forge a Homesteading Viking Axe

Shadow Cutlery Vikings – Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok – Standard Edition

As you or your blacksmithing friend work towards this neat Viking axe, you’ll find that you’ll want to build it as close to those of old as you possibly can. When you find yourself wondering exactly how to go about that, you’ll find the following steps in this tutorial highly beneficial in producing the results you want in your axe. With this design, you’ll get the authenticity of this Viking axe and the knowledge of building your skills to an even greater height than you have achieved prior to taking on this project.

These same axes were awesome in their powerful designs when these hulking pioneers landed upon these new places and they struck fear into the very hearts of all the Vikings came across and dominated in their many years of exploration.

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