How To Garden In An Extended Drought


Learn how you can still garden in an extended drought. This couple out in California are still gardening and managing to harvest quite a bit of food by using a lot of water saving ideas. In this article they share their tips and tricks so that others who may be in a drought area can use their ideas to help them keep gardening. Check out that pink banana squash.

How To Garden In An Extended Drought

There is a lot of good info in the article and they cover everything from soil amendment to be more favorable for moisture retention. They also cover mulching which can go a long way to keeping the garden from drying out. Mulch helps to shade the soil and cuts down on drying from the sun. It also keeps the wind from drying it out and mulch is also helpful in weed reduction.

They tell us about saving water to use for the garden. Pretty much all dish washing and hand washing water can be saved. You can also save all of your wash and rinse water from doing laundry, as long as bleach is not used all of this water can be used to water in the garden. Another tip was to plant the right type of plants. Some plants are very water hungry and there are others that don’t require as much watering so you might want to learn which ones need less and grow those vegetables.

Adding a drip line to your garden can be a huge water saver because the water is delivered directly to the ground. This way none of the water is lost to the air. Dogs Island Farm shares the tips and more to help you garden during an extended drought, or even to garden without wasting water which is a good idea for any gardener.


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