CleanersHow to Get Rid Of Armpit Sweat Stains on a T Shirt

How to Get Rid Of Armpit Sweat Stains on a T Shirt

This simple yet effective method of how to get rid of armpit sweat stains on a t shirt is genius ! Everyone that does anything in the outdoors sweats, especially hard working homesteaders. Sweating is good for you. Getting hot and sweaty is one of the rewards of self sufficiency because you stay in shape.

How to Get Rid Of Armpit Sweat Stains on a T Shirt

There is a problem with sweat. You can stain your T-shirts seemingly beyond hope of recovery. The armpit stains on T-shirts are one of the hardest stains to remove. This recipe keeps you from tossing a perfectly good T-shirt.

All of the expensive and polluting clothes cleaning powders and sprays claim that they can remove armpit stains from T-shirts but they never quite manage the job. This solution works. This actually works better and costs less than any product that you can buy.

The beauty of this solution is that it uses simple ingredients that most people have in their home anyway. One pint of the armpit stain removal solution can clean as many as 30 T-shirts. The number of shirts that can be cleaned depends on how badly stained the shirts are.

Like all self sufficient solutions, this does take a little work. You will have to scrub a little or maybe a lot depending on how severe the stain is.


1/4 cup dawn dish soap

1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide

For super tough stains, scrub in a little baking soda as well.

This cleaner is based on solid science. The ingredients not only clean but add to the whiteness of a T-shirt in a natural way that will not harm your health or the environment.

This idea is designed for white T-shirts. You do not want to use this with a highly colored or decorative T-shirt but you usually only wear those on special occasions.

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Melissa Francis
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