GardeningHow To Grow Grapes In A Container

How To Grow Grapes In A Container

If you have limited space for a garden but would still like to grow some grapes this article will show you how it can be done. By giving the vine a frame to grow on and then keeping it pruned as you train it to grow all around its frame you can actually have a grape vine in a pot on an apartment balcony that will produce fruit. My Garden In Japan shares instructions on how he found that in Japan where space is usually very limited that people could grow a grape vine that wull produce fruit in containers.

So he set out to add a grape vine to his balcony garden and it worked. You can have a frame in a circle shape and the vine grows up and then you train it to circle the frame. He had a large pot so he gave his vine two levels to climb. This is a neat way to grow a grape vine in a very small space. It would work for apartments or patios.

I would think if you have a larger space and could find a barrel you could probably cut it in half and have a very tall grapevine or possibly one vine in each barrel and frame in each and even a line from one to the other to train the vine to grow on. It would be neat to see grapes growing on a patio instead of taking up many feet of space the way I have only ever seen grapes growing.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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