Raising LivestockHow to Grow Green Sprouts as Treats for Chickens

How to Grow Green Sprouts as Treats for Chickens

This guide of how to grow green spouts as treats for chickens is especially healthy treat in the winter time when there very little grass on the ground.

Owning your own chickens can be a great way to get some great eggs without having to pay the prices found at your local supermarket or organic market. They make great additions to your growing homestead. As you live as naturally as you can, by not producing unnecessary wastes, but gaining the peace of mind that your chickens are producing eggs that you know aren’t fed chicken feeds that contain GMOs and other harmful chemicals.

How to Grow Green Sprouts as Treats for Chickens

With your chickens, you may decide they could use a special treat every now and then during the summer time or more frequently during the winter time. So how do you do this for them, you ask? It’s pretty simple really. You grow the nutritious sprouts based on your budget.

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They are so easy to make because you only need three things to make them sprout beautifully for your chickens. You’ll want the seeds of the sprouts you want like barley or alfalfa, some jars that will fit the sprouts as they grow, and some water to soak the seeds until they sprout. You’ll also want to consider some mesh strainers for your jars for twice daily water drainage. As you make your own sprouts for your chickens, you’ll find that it’s not time consuming so you’re free to go about your business while the sprouts do all the work themselves.

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