GardeningHow to Grow Hollyhocks Garden Flowers

How to Grow Hollyhocks Garden Flowers

How to grow Hollyhocks garden flowers is a step by step tutorial of growing beautiful blooms. They’re simple to grow, do well in poorer soils, and they’re perennial, meaning they’ll regrow year after year.

How to Grow Hollyhocks Garden Flowers

If you’re planning a garden this year, consider adding hollyhocks. They make a wonderful salad garnish as well as a medicinal tea, so even in the most hardcore Victory garden, they’ll earn their keep. While edible, these brightly colored flowers are generally used for visual effect in gardens, so their seeds are readily available.

Hollyhock can be planted in fall or spring.

You will need:

• sandy soil

• garden shovel

• wooden stakes or chain link fence

• (optional) starter tray

• (optional) starter pots

How to grow hollyhock:

1. Plant seeds in partial to full sun between ¼ inch to ½ inch deep, and space each seed about 18 inches apart.

2. Water daily, but do not let roots sit in water.

3. As the plant grows and flowers begin to bloom, add support stakes to prevent the top-heavy plant from falling. Alternatively, you can plant them near and tie them (loosely) to a fence or trellis.

4. When plants reach maturity, remove seed heads to encourage regrowth in later years.

5. The frugal gardener will want to save the seeds to sow (or sell) them next year. To do this, store the seeds in air-tight jars in the refrigerator or an outdoor room (over winter).

6. At the end of the season, cut the plants back to the base to encourage regrowth.

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